Modern Midtown Elegance & Sophistication

Tower 45 is Midtown Manhattan’s premier boutique office building. Standing 40 stories high and containing 458,446 rentable square feet at 120 West 45th Street, steps from Avenue of the Americas, Tower 45 offers continuous ribbon windows, gracious 12-foot ceilings, a spectacular 15-story open air Atrium and a refreshing atmosphere designed for productivity and success. It was designed by the award-winning firm of Swanke Hayden Connell Architects whose other notable New York City projects are the Continental Tower, Americas Tower and Trump Tower.

Since acquiring the property at the end of 2015, Kamber Management Company has replaced or upgraded just about every building system in order to keep Tower 45 at the forefront of desirable, sophisticated New York City office space.

Tower 45 features breathtaking views of the entire City throughout the building, including views of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor, and the World Trade Center.  To the west, guests and associates have stunning views into the heart of Times Square and the Hudson River, and to the east, of course, a lovely vantage point of the East River.

Tower 45 rightly stands among Manhattan’s work space elite.


Modern Midtown <span>Elegance</span> & <span>Sophistication</span>


Grand Central Terminal 4 Blocks
Bryant Park 3 Blocks
Rockefeller Center 3 Blocks
42nd Street Times Square Station 3 Blocks

Tower 45 offers a prime Midtown location just a stone’s throw from Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Terminal, and Times Square on the Avenue of Americas corridor.  A coveted office location, the area boasts one of the greatest concentrations of global corporations of any commercial district on earth including Bank of America, Viacom, NBC Universal, Ernst & Young, Barclays Capital, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and HBO.

Tower 45 is located about an 8-minute walk to Grand Central Terminal, 5-minute walk from the Times Square subway hub, and a 12-minute walk to Penn Station and the Port Authority, providing direct access to virtually all points in and out of the city.

For non-commuters, Central Midtown has emerged as one of the leading luxury residential locations in the world, creating a myriad of convenient housing options for Tower 45 professionals with an exciting quality-of-life advantage.

Tower 45 is exceptionally well located when one considers the proximity of Michelin Star cuisine such as Le Bernardin, Gabriel Kreuther, the Modern, Areole, Ai Fiori and The Sea Grill. Its location in the midst of the Broadway Theater District makes for a convenient after work rendezvous for a night of fine dining and entertainment.

Wellness - Mountain Fresh Air

In 2016, Tower 45 became the first building in Manhattan to offer its tenants mountain fresh air. AtmosAir™ is the most effective air purifying technology on the market. The system is renowned for actively reducing small particulate (bacteria), large particulate (dust), mold and Volatile organic compounds (anything you can smell) as it systematically breaks down toxic gases and compounds from dangerous chemicals found in cleaning products, pesticides, paints, solvents, and mildew.

Further, cleaner air directly and positively affects workforce alertness, productivity, and immunity. A Gensler study revealed that its own offices saw more than $2,000in savings per employee per year as a result of  heightened productivity, alertness, and less sick time as a result of better air quality.

Finally, AtmosAir™ is acclaimed for its energy efficiency. This solution bundled with a unique tenant-controlled cooling system, makes Tower 45 economical and environmentally friendly. Because each room’s temperature can be controlled individually, overtime charges for after-hours use are a fraction of the cost in other comparable buildings.


Mountain Fresh Air

Tenant Experience

After passing through the 15-story open air atrium, upon entering the lobby, the security staff, their access system and the destination dispatch elevators work seamlessly to guide you quickly and safely to your destination.  When at work, the Tower 45 professional experiences not just the finest internet connection availabilities, but easy web-based access to security and building services and amenities, all in a productive, health environment made possible by mountain fresh air.


Ratings for Sustainability, Energy Efficiency & Connectivity

Ratings for Sustainability, Energy Efficiency & Connectivity

LEED – Gold compliant

EnergyStar – Silver compliant

Wired – Silver compliant

Internet Carriers – L3 Communications, XO Communications, Cogent, Verizon FIOS and Verizon Business.



In an increasingly unpredictable world, Kamber Management Company recognizes the critical nature of safety and security, and Tower 45 has a reputation as one of the most secure buildings in Midtown Manhattan.  The property is protected and patrolled 24/7 by highly trained guards including former law enforcement who have the ability to act as first responders in case of emergency.

The Security Staff use, among other tools, a brand-new state-of-the-art security system by Kastle Systems.  The system is ranked among the finest security systems for commercial real estate buildings, lauded for its access control, visit management, video surveillance, and real-time control to lock down doors and turn additional systems on or off.  Kastle Systems offers cloud-based video storage, elevator and energy system integration, email-based visitor registration for optimal building protection and card key access.  Also, at the security staff’s disposal is a brand new, state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance system on a secure network which covers the lobby, loading dock, public areas, and entrances.



Tower 45 is further protected with the continuously monitored Comtrak 1720 “Class-E” Fire Safety Command and Control system, designed specifically to meet national code as well as the newest, most stringent regulations set by major municipalities.  Tower 45 is also fully sprinklered.

Tower 45 boasts its own backup power generation.  In the event of a power outage, the backup generator automatically provides power to critical elevator, fire, life safety and security system

Renovated Lobby Area

Renovated lobby

Designed by the acclaimed firm of Pei, Cobb, Freed, beautiful quartzite with its rich texture complements the rose granite to evoke a warm, contemporary feeling.  The faceted, lit Main Desk adds a welcome feeling.  The color palettes of seasonal decorations (Thanksgiving, Christmas & Hanukah) work perfectly in this setting.  During Hanukah, look for the Menorah built into the quartzite Wall!

New Elevators

Tower 45 now has new elevators and cabs designed by the venerable firm of Kohn, Pederson & Fox.  The elevator doors are artfully designed to echo Tower 45’s destinctive Atrium.

The Destination Dispatch system groups elevator passengers based on their destination.  Visitors request a floor using a touchscreen display similar to an iPad and are immediately directed to an appropriate elevator, resulting in shorter wait times, faster delivery times, energy savings, and a 25% increase in passenger through put.


Floor Layouts

Tower 45 offers some of the most modern and efficient boutique office space in Midtown Manhattan.  Continuous ribbon windows, generous 12-foot ceilings, and a virtually column-free design work together to create a bright open-air environment with magnificent views in a sleek, contemporary style.

Each floor offers an impressive window-to-floor-area ratio, offering opportunities for a multitude of windowed executive offices, even up to 5 cornered offices per floor, or spacious, airy open plan layouts.  Men’s and Ladies’ bathrooms located on each floor have been renovated to the high standard discerning tenants expect.


Tower 45 offers convenient, space options for a variety of layouts.  While the property’s boutique floor plates are ideally suited to full-floor use, floors can be efficiently divided into two, three or even four light and airy suites.  In each case, space entrances are close to their respective elevator lobbies.  Kamber Management Company offers state-of-the-art Pre-Built’s and custom installations designed by the nationally respected firm of MKDA. Click Here to learn more about our prebuilts.

On the other end of the spectrum, units can also be combined to fit a company’s unique needs. Tower 45’s floor plates are large enough to support multi-floor use with connecting stairways should the tenant so desire.

Tower 45, with its almost column free floors, structural features and state of the art systems has the ability to accommodate a broad range of space requirements and layouts in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

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